Tenant/Practice Settings

Prevounce Training - Module 8

Tenant/Practice Settings:

Under the “Administration” tab of the navigation menu, users should locate and click the “Settings” option at the bottom of the menu. The “Settings” menu is a three tabbed screen that allows administrators to manage the global settings of the practice. The “General” tab allows users to set a default time zone for all users within the Tenant Settings Tabas well as edit the contact information for the office as a whole.


The “Appearance” tab gives users the option to change the overall appearance of the Prevounce Portal. The “Application Logo” section allows users to upload a logo that will replace the Prevounce logo in the upper left corner of all portal pages. The “Custom CSS” section allows users to upload a custom CSS template that can override various visual aspects throughout the portal. This feature is for advanced users with knowledge of CSS and web-apps. It is important to note that uploading bad CSS can impact the functionality of the portal for all tenant users.SettingAppearance

The “Security” tab gives administrators the ability to edit the password security requirements for users within a Tenant past the Prevounce defaults.Settings Security

After creating any and all desired changes, users should be sure to click the blue “Save All” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to ensure all of the changes are made successfully.