Providing Preventative Services

Providing Preventative Services:

After determining which services a patient is eligible for, the user can decide which preventative services the patient will receive that day in the office. To begin a service, users will locate the desired service and click the “Start Service” button on the right of the available services table. The service wizard is a tabbed form screen that walks both the user and the patient through the selected service step-by-step. There are many preventative services available through the Prevounce portal and all of them have different requirements. For example, the depression screening is one of the shortest services and it only has two tabs - one screening tab and one reviewing tab, while the annual wellness visit is the longest service containing 15 tabs.PreventionTabsandQs

When going through a service through each question with the patient and mark the appropriate answer (Figure 3.8). Once all of the questions within a tab have been answered, users will click “Next” in the bottom right of the wizard to move to the next tab. Fully completed tabs will turn green upon advancement to the next tab. Tabs that are missing information will turn red. Most services have a “Review and Submit” tab as the final tab that allows you to view the most important information from that specific service (ex. PHQ9 scores or potential health concerns) and a space at the bottom of the page for notes. The note section is entirely free text so the user can add any and all information they feel is pertinent from the visit. Once everything is filled out, users will click “Submit” in the bottom right corner which will complete the service and return the user to the Preventative Visits screen.PreventionReviewandSubmit

Users will notice that the service will have moved from the blue “Available” section to the green “Complete” section. This means that it is a billable service that is now finished within the visit. Users can see, export, or print paper records of the service by clicking the “View Report” button to the right of the completed service. This will take the user to the “Service Reports” screen, where users can see all of the reports available under that specific service. By clicking on either the name of the report itself or clicking on the green eye icon in the actions column will allow the user to view a pdf preview of the report. By clicking the blue download icon in the actions column users are able to download a copy of the report. This is helpful if a practice does not have EMR integration and the users are manually importing the Prevounce reports into their EMR.PreventativeComplete

From the Preventative Visits screen, users can continue to perform as many services as they need to. Once finished, users will need to complete and close the visit. In the bottom right hand corner there is a “Close Visit” button. Once the visit is closed, users will not be able to add more services. Once closed, the system automatically generates a superbill for the visit.