Pre-Visit Quick Start Guide

  1. This section allows a practice to collect patient information prior to their appointment
  2. To access this section, click the Pre-Visit Outreach link on the left hand side of the screen
  3. This will open a page that will show you the most recent activity.
    1. The status is also shown here (sent, viewed by patient, complete, expired, imported)
  4. To begin a new outreach:
    1. Click on the blue “Send new Pre-Visit Outreach” link in the upper right hand corner
    2. Search for the appropriate patient.
    3. Select the pre-visit services you would like to send to the patient.
    4. It is important to choose whether to email or text the link – be sure that the appropriate information (email address and/or cell number) are included.
      1. Custom messages can be sent with both.
    5. To view a sent outreach:
      1. If the outreach was sent recently, the patient you are looking for may be on the initial Pre-Visit Outreach page.
        1. If not – you can search both by patient name and/or service date to find what you are looking for.
      2. On the Pre-Visit Outreach page you can view the patient name, date of birth, the type(s) of outreach that was sent, the status of the outreach, and the date it was sent.
      3. On the far right hand side by each name is a blue “Actions” button.
        1. From here you can choose to Resend the outreach, view (and print if you choose) the outreach, cancel the outreach, and view details.