Managing Preventative Visit Superbills

Medical billing and coding has a reputation for being unnecessarily complicated. With no clear billing standards, each insurer determines individually how to accept preventative claims. The Prevounce Smart Billing system automatically generates a recommended superbill after each patient visit – taking into account all known coding variations and historical reimbursement data we have.BillingNavMenu

Accessing Prevounce Billing: The Prevounce Billing System can be accessed from the navigation menu located on the left hand side of the Prevounce Portal by clicking the dropdown menu labeled “Service Billing.” This dropdown will allow users to choose between “Preventative Visit Billing” and “CCM Billing.”

Managing Preventative Visit Superbills: By selecting the “Preventative Visit Billing” option from the “Service Billing” menu, users will be directed to the “Service Billing” landing page. Once on this page, users will see a list of the completed visits with billable services, organized by service date. From here, users can search for specific billable encounters by service date range and/or patient name as well as filter search results by billed service type. The teal “Actions” button to the right of specific visit will let the user interact with (edit, view PDF, refresh, Delete) the information available from that encounter.  


Once a preventative visit is closed, it cannot be reopened and/or edited. However, additional diagnosis codes or services that were done outside of the portal can be added. To do this, users will locate the appropriate visit and choose “Edit” from the teal “Actions” menu. The resulting pop-up menu displays the Provider, Patient, and Insurance information from the day of service and will allow users to add new diagnosis codes and procedures by clicking the appropriate boxes.




Clicking the “Add New DX Code” button will open a window where users can manually input an ICD-10 Code and choose a procedure to attach the diagnosis code to from a drop down tab of preventative services performed on that patient within the portal on that date of service. Users should click “Save” in the bottom right corner after any additional pertinent information is added.


Clicking the “Add Procedure” button will open a window where users can manually input a CPT/HCPC code, a procedure description, and any appropriate modifier needed to add it to the Prevounce superbill. This is especially useful for any services that were performed that share the same date of service, but were not conducted within the portal itself. Users should click


 “Save” at the bottom of the window after any additional pertinent information is added.

Once a user is finished viewing or editing the billing information, they will click “Close” in the bottom right of the “View/Edit Billing” window to automatically update the superbill with the updated information.

Choosing the “View PDF” option from the “Actions” menu will generate a preview of the superbill unique to the visit selected.