Preventative Visits Quick Start Guide

  1. The section where all of the preventative visits can be performed is accessed from the menu on the left hand side labeled Preventative Visits.
  2. Once you click this link you will see a page that has the most recent services shown.
  3. To view a completed service:
    1. Find the patient and the service that you want to view.
    2. Use the actions tab on the far right side next to the patient’s name to:
      1. View the service.
      2. View the service reports (necessary for Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) – reports broken down into MD reports, Full reports, and Patient reports).
        1. The patient needs to walk out of the office with the patient AWV report in hand per CMS guidelines!
      3. Once opened these reports can be printed or saved and uploaded to the EMR.
    3. To start a new service:
      1. Click on the blue “Create new visit” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
      2. Find the patient you are looking for.
      3. Select the billing provider for the service.
      4. A screen will pop up asking about insurance – both of these questions should generally be marked yes, but it should be checked per patient as the situations/circumstances may change.
        1. Click “Create Visit.”
      5. The next screen will show patient demographics, insurance, and the services available .
        1. It is important to note the eligibility information that is returned for each patient.
        2. “Coverage” will tell you whether or not a service is covered by the patient’s current insurance policy. You can hover over the symbol to see what it means
  • “Eligible” will tell you whether or not the patient is currently eligible to each specific service
    1. Note that this information updates in real time – for example: at the beginning of a visit the patient may not qualify for the Cognitive impairment screening, but if they fail the cognitive screening on the AWV, the patient may (depending on insurance) become eligible for that service.
  1. Find the service you want to start with and click “Start Service.”
  2. From here just follow the prompts all the way through each assessment/service that you would like to complete following the same steps
  1. Once all desired services have been completed, click “Close Visit” to finalize the visit.