Portal Usage Reporting

Usage Reporting

Accounts within your Tenant with Administrative privileges will see the "Reporting" option within their Administration menu.

Clicking on Reporting under the Administration panel opens the Usage Reporting screen where you can check aggregate usage of the Prevounce Platform by all users within your Tenant/Organization. 

There are two types of Usage Report: a Summary Usage Report and a Detailed Services Report. You can select which report to run by clicking on the corresponding tab under the "Reporting" title in the upper left.

Summary Usage Report

The Summary Usage Report shows the aggregate number of each service type completed within your Tenant sorted by each of your Users that are active on the portal. You can then further filter these results by:

  • Date Range
  • Username(s)
  • Billing Provider

As always, you can then export these results to excel for your records by clicking on the 'Export to Excel' button above the results table.

Detailed Services Report

The Detailed Services Report displays details for each service performed on the portal within your Tenant. This report gives much more information as compared to the aggregate numbers given by the Summary Usage Report.

You can then sort by:

  • Date Range
  • Billing Provider
  • Patient Name, and
  • Service Type

Once you have filtered the results to your satisfaction, you can export the entire report with the 'Export to Excel' button. 

Finally, for convenience, each service has a link to the reports generated by that service. Clicking on 'View' brings up any report(s) generated by that service. For example, if 'View' is selected on an Annual Wellness Visit, a report similar to the following would be displayed: