Managing Outreach

To view or edit a previously sent Pre-Visit Outreach:OutreachActions

If the outreach was sent or created recently, it may be located on the initial Pre-Visit Outreach screen. If the specific outreach or patient desired is not displayed on the main page, the search function at the top of the page will allow the user to search for the interaction by date, outreach status, or patient name. Once the appropriate patient and outreach are found, find the correlating teal “Actions” drop down tab to the right of the patient information. From this menu users can choose to resend the outreach, view the details of the outreach, or cancel the outreach request. If a user chooses to resend the outreach, a new window will display confirming the type of outreach, the original send date, the patient’s name, and the patient email address and/or mobile phone number on file. The user can then choose to resend the outreach by email, text, or both. Just like when the contact information is originally confirmed the user will have the opportunity to edit the contact information as well as the corresponding message. Once the information is written as desired, click the blue “Resend” button in the bottom right to resend the outreach to the patient.

OutreachResendBy clicking “View Details,” a QR code is generated that can be scanned using the Prevounce app on a patient’s mobile device or an in-office tablet to populate the device with an identical version of the pre-visit outreach.OutreachDetails