Managing CCM Superbills

Medical billing and coding has a reputation for being unnecessarily complicated. With no clear billing standards, each insurer determines individually how to accept preventative claims. The Prevounce Smart Billing system automatically generates a recommended superbill after each patient visit – taking into account all known coding variations anBillingNavMenu

Accessing Prevounce Billing: The Prevounce Billing System can be accessed from the navigation menu located on the left hand side of the Prevounce Portal by clicking the dropdown menu labeled “Service Billing.” This dropdown will allow users to choose between “Preventative Visit Billing” and “CCM Billing.”


Managing CCM Billing: By selecting the “CCM Billing” option from the “Service Billing” menu, users will be directed to the “CCM Billing Reports” landing page. Once on this page, users will see a list of the completed and billable CCM encounters for the month prior. Users are able to search for specific patients or change the month and year they are viewing by adjusting the search parameters.

CCM Billing Landing

To export this information, users simply verify they are viewing the desired encounter period (month and year) and click the white “Export to Excel” button in the upper right corner. Clicking this will prompt a download of the CCM summary billing data available for the selected time period including: patient name, date of birth, provider, month, number of encounters, time logged, status, conditions, and ICD-10s.