Managing Patient Records

Patient information can be found by clicking the “Patients” link in the navigation menu. From the main “Patients” page users are able to access patient summaries, create new patients, edit existing patients, bulk import patients from an EMR or other third party, and export a patient list from the portal.Pt Screen Options

To edit and existing patient: To edit an existing patient, users have two options. To change basic contact and demographic information, users can locate the patient on the “Patients” screen, find the appropriate teal “Actions” button, and choose “Edit”. Alternatively, users can find the patient on the “Patients” screen, locate the “Actions” button and choose “View Summary,” which will take the user to the patient’s unique health summary page. From this page users can add and edit not only demographic and insurance information, but also add and edit information regarding patient vitals, medications, providers, hospital stays, allergies, chronic conditions, and major injuries by using the “Actions” and the “Add New [information]” buttons.Pt Page Edit

To delete a patient from the tenant: To delete a patient from the tenant, users should navigate to the “Patients” tab and locate the correct patient. Once the patient is found, the teal “Actions” button to the right of the patient’s name has an option to “Delete” a patient, which will remove them from the tenant.