Logging an Encounter in RPM

Logging an Encounter

To log an RPM encounter users will navigate to the RPM module and select the patient they are interacting with by either double clicking on the patient name or using the blue “Actions” button to the right of the patient’s name and selecting “View Detail.” If the user just finished enrolling a patient in the program, they will be automatically sent to the patient’s newly-established RPM page. Inside of the care plan users will first see patient information displayed across the top of the screen. Next on the page users will find metrics displaying the patient’s measurement progress towards the number of days per month of data transmission as well as an integrated timer system for tracking the cumulative clinical consultation time spent with the patient that month. As time spent accumulates, the bar will slowly fill and turn blue. After a billable amount of time lapses, indicators above the progress bar that are initially grey with a minus sign turn green with a check mark. The timer can be used in two ways. Best practice is that the timer be used in real time. If a user forgets to start the timer, time can also be manually entered by clicking within the text box and entering the time spent. Prevounce will automatically count the number of days of measurement as a reading is taken and that data is transmitted to the platform. While also initially grey, this marker icon will turn green as well when the patient has met or surpassed their 16 days of measurements. Alternatively, this icon will turn into a red X when there is no longer enough time within the month for the patient to obtain all 16 days of measurements.

RPM Billing

For detailed information regarding billing for RPM, check out the Prevounce RPM Billing Guide.