Importing Patients in CCM


Accessing Chronic Care ManagementPrevisitLanding

Users will find the CCM link in the navigation menu on the left of the screen. This link will open a page that shows all of the patients in the portal in alphabetical order. The search bar at the top of the screen enables users to search for a patient by name, ICD-10, last medication time, and monthly time logged. If a search patient is not in the system, they will need to be imported from the EMR or created before enrolling them in CCM.

Importing a Patient

*It is important to note that this step will not generally be necessary. When a practice initially signs up with Prevounce, their patients will be loaded into the system. Users should only need to import patients that are new to the practice after implementation.*

CCM Pt Search to Enroll

If a user is looking for a patient that is not in the system, they are able to import the patient from a third party source, such as an EMR. To import a patient from a third party, users will click “Import from Third Party,” which will prompt the user to log into their EMR. Users can then again search for their patient, and when the appropriate patient is found, click the blue “Import” button to the right of the patient’s name. Once the import is complete, users will once again search for the patient in the “Register New CCM Patient” screen and continue with the steps below to enroll the patient and create a care plan.