Exporting Superbills


Exporting Billing Information: From the appropriate landing page, users will be able to export superbills individually or in bulk. To export Preventative Visit billing information, users should go to the “Preventative Visits” section of the “Service Billing” menu, and to export CCM billing information, users should navigate to the “CCM” section of the “Service Billing” menu.

Exporting preventative visit superbills: To export preventative visit superbills, users should navigate to the preventative visits portion of the Service Billing page. From here, users can choose to export single visits at a time, or choose to export a batch of visits in bulk.

There are multiple ways to export preventative service superbills. Once the desired visit is located, if a user uses the corresponding “Actions” menu to choose “View PDF,” hovering over the bottom of the preview will give the option to download. Alternatively, there is a check box to the left of each visit. Users can select one or multiple visits at a time to export at a time simple by checking the boxes of the desired visit(s) and choosing the “Bulk Actions.”


Users will have the option to download the files as a single PDF or individual PDFs. Also in the upper right hand corner users will find the “Export to Excel” button. Users can utilize this function to automatically download a summary of all of the billing information for services performed within the portal.

Bulk Action


Exporting CCM superbills: To export chronic care superbills, users should navigate to the CCM portion of the Service Billing page. From here, users can view all of the CCM encounters from a chosen encounter period.

To export this information, users simply verify they are viewing the desired encounter period (month and year) and click the white “Export to Excel” button in the upper right corner. Clicking this will prompt a download of the CCM summary billing data available for the selected time period including: patient name, date of birth, provider, month, number of encounters, time logged, status, conditions, and ICD-10s.CCM Billing Landing