Device and Data Management in RPM

Device Management

Devices can be added, edited, and removed from a patient profile by utilizing the blue “Manage Devices” button found in the middle right of each enrolled patient’s RPM page. Devices are linked to patient profiles by utilizing the unique IMEI printed on each device. It is important to ensure the accuracy of this number to be confident the data being transmitted from the device is associated with the correct patient. New devices can be added by clicking the white “New Device” button in the upper right hand corner, choosing the appropriate corresponding device and entering the associated IMEI number. Existing devices can be edited or removed by interacting with the blue “Actions” button next to the device.

Patient Data and Notification Management

Data is automatically transmitted into the Prevounce platform whenever a patient utilizes their device(s) to take a reading. Patient vital data will be displayed to users in raw data form as well as a graphical representation of the data. Both data displays can be manipulated to assistance with the visualization of trends over specific time intervals.

*It is important to note that while presently patient reported/manually input data does not count towards the required 16 days of data transmission for CMS reimbursement purposes, we realize that this data can be helpful and some providers may want to include these data points alongside the RPM collected data. Manual data points can be added by locating the horizontal ellipsis/kabob icon located above each individual device and entering the information in the appropriate locations.

Each device has its own customizable ranges to set the most appropriate boundaries for healthy, cautionary, and critical ranges as defined per provider and patient medical necessity, medical history, and goals. These sliding range bars can simply be clicked and dragged to the most appropriate location or value for the patient.

Each device also has its own customizable triggered events to create the most tailored experience possible based on the needs of the patient. Specific events can be selected to automatically generate notifications or send emails or text messages as predetermined criteria are met.