Creating a New Preventative Visit

Preventative visits are groupings of preventative services provided to a patient around the same time. Grouping services and understanding which services were provided on what date allows the Prevounce portal to accurately display eligibility information as well as suggest the most appropriate billing and coding for the visit.

Navigation Menu

Accessing Preventative Visits:

Click on the “Preventative Visits” tab on the navigation menu on the left hand side of the screen. This link will open the preventative visit management page where users can view and manage all past and current visits that have been created within your tenant.

Creating a new Preventative Visit:

To create a new preventative visit, navigate to the Preventative Visit page and click on the blue “Create New Visit” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will open the Create New Visit pop-up. The first step in creating a new visit is to identify the appropriate patient. The Create New Visit is searchable and contains all of the patients that exist within the tenant. If a patient is not in the portal, from this screen users can choose to either create a new patient or import a patient from a third party (EMR).

PrevCreateNewVisitOnce the correct patient is found, select them and click “Next” in the bottom right. On the following pop-up page, select the appropriate billing provider. The billing provider should be whichever physician or non-physician practitioner that the visit will be billed under.

PreventativeProviderIf the appropriate provider is not listed within this table it is possible to add a new provider into the tenant by clicking the “Create New Provider” button in the upper right. When the appropriate provider is selected click the “Next” button on the bottom right to continue to the third and final pop-up window before continuing to preventative services. The final prompt in creating a preventative visit will ask the user two questions. First, “will insurance be  billed for an office visit or other medical services separate from the services to be provided through the Prevounce Portal?” This is important because the billing and coding of Prevounce services can change if a patient has had another office visit for an outside service on the same day. Second, “Confirm eligibility via third party provider?” When “yes” is selected in response to this question the portal will automatically communicate with the patient’s insurance to determine eligibility and gather demographic information. When “no” is selected, the portal will not confirm eligibility information electronically.

PreventativeCreateQuestsOnce both questions are answered, select “Create Visit” in the bottom right to access the “Preventative Visits” page. If the patient was sent and completed any portion of a Pre-Visit Outreach, users will be asked at this point if they would like to import the information collected in the outreach into the preventative visit in progress.PreventativeVisitsScreen