Creating Patients

Patient information can be found by clicking the “Patients” link in the navigation menu. From the main “Patients” page users are able to access patient summaries, create new patients, edit existing patients, bulk import patients from an EMR or other third party, and export a patient list from the portal.Pt Screen Options

If a patient is new to the practice (i.e. is not established in the EMR), they may need to be created within the Prevounce portal.

Create New Pt Demographics

To create a new patient, users will find the blue “Create New Patient” button at the upper right of the “Patients” page. This will launch the “Create New Patient” wizard. Users will go through all three tabs (Patient Information, Contact Information, Insurances) entering the appropriate information to establish the patient. A red asterisks (*) denotes information that is required in order to advance through the wizard. The more information that is provided in these steps, the more accurate the Prevounce eligibility and billing recommendations will be. Within the “Insurances” tab, users should be sure to enter all medical insurance policies that the patient has.

Create New Pt InsTo add a new insurance type, users should click the blue “Add Insurance” button in the upper right of the wizard. This will prompt a screen requesting identifying information about the insurance policy. It is important that users click the blue “Save Insurance” button at the bottom right of the wizard. Insurance policies can be added until all of the patient’s information is in the system. When finished, users will click the blue “Save” button in the bottom right of the wizard to finalize the creation of the new patient.