Viewing Coverage and Eligibility

Once on the “Preventative Visits” page, users will see patient specific information displayed along the top of the screen, with demographic information on the left and insurance information on the right.PreventativeVisitsScreen

Below the patient information is the services list which will display the preventative services that are available to the patient at the time of the visit. If your tenant has the eligibility system turned on, users will see two columns beside each available assessment labeled “Coverage” and “Eligibility.” Coverage refers to whether or not the patient’s individual insurance plan will cover a specific type of service at any point in time regardless of medical history or demographics. Eligibility refers to the specific set of patient requirements that determine eligibility under the patient’s individual insurance policy. Coverage reflects whether or not the policy ever covers a specific services and eligibility reflects whether or not the patient currently qualifies for that specific service. By hovering over each symbol, users can see the reasoning behind each of the eligibility indicators.AWVStartService