Prevounce Compatible RPM Devices

The up-to-date list of devices that can be utilized with the Prevounce Platform and API.

Direct Cellular Devices

Direct cellular devices utilize wide-area 4G LTE technology to send all device readings directly to Prevounce. These are the easiest to use of all device types - the patient just adds batteries and they are ready to go.

Brand Device Type Readings
BodyTrace BT-105 Blood Pressure BP, HR, Irreg. Heartbeat
BodyTrace BT-005 Weight Scale Weight
Pylo Health 802-LTE Blood Pressure BP, HR, Irreg. Heartbeat
Pylo Health 300-LTE Weight Scale Weight
Pylo Health 200-LTE* Weight Scale Weight
SmartMeter iGlucose GM291 Glucometer Blood Glucose

Cellular Gateways

Cellular gateways connect with Bluetooth RPM devices and then send the data along over the cellular network. Some gateways have a tablet-like interface and extra non-RPM features (like video telehealth) while others are simple passive gateways.

Brand Device Supported Devices
ClearArch Health MobileVitals Touch Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose Meter, Weight Scale, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, Spirometer
ClearArch Health MobileVitals Classic

Direct WiFi Devices

Direct WiFi devices utilize a mobile phone app to connect the device to the patient's home WiFi network. Once that is complete, the devices send readings directly to Prevounce as long as they are kept within WiFi range. Not quite as easy as cellular devices, but pretty close, and without the expense of a mobile network subscription.

Brand Device Type Readings
MokoSmart MK103 WiFi Gateway All (Converts from Bluetooth LE)
Pylo Health 200-WF* Weight Scale Weight, Body Composition

Bluetooth Low Energy via Prevounce App

Bluetooth Low Energy devices utilize a different protocol than traditional Bluetooth. As the name implies, it uses less energy, but it also allows for a much quicker and easier "pairing" process. The patient just opens the Prevounce Patient application on their mobile phone, utilizes the device, and the readings are securely sent to Prevounce over the phones internet connection.

Brand Device Type Readings
A&D UA-651BLE Blood Pressure BP, HR, Irreg. Heartbeat
Andesfit ADF-B06 Pulse Oximeter HR, Blood Oxygen
Andesfit ADF-B102W Blood Pressure BP, HR, Irreg. Heartbeat
Andesfit ADF-B19 Blood Pressure BP, HR, Irreg. Heartbeat
Andesfit ADF-B28 Glucometer Blood Glucose
Andesfit ADF-B885T Weight Scale Weight, BMI
Andesfit ADF-MSA100 Spirometer PEF, FVC, FEV1, FEV6, FEF2575
Bayer/Ascensia Contour Next Glucometer Blood Glucose
Bayer/Ascensia Contour Next EZ Glucometer Blood Glucose
Contec O8A Smart Blood Pressure BP, HR
Contec WT100 Smart Weight Scale Weight
Indie Health OhCare Lite Glucometer Blood Glucose
Indie Health 51-42 Ear Thermometer Temperature
Indie Health 51-102 Weight Scale Weight
Indie Health 51-300MD Pulse Oximeter HR, Blood Oxygen
Indie Health 51-431 Activity Tracker HR, Steps, Sleep
Indie Health 51-1490 Blood Pressure BP, HR, Irreg. Heartbeat
Mir Spirobank Smart Spirometer PEF, FVC, FEV1, FEV6, FEF2575
Mir Spirobank One Spirometer PEF
Nonin 3230 Pulse Oximeter HR, Blood Oxygen
Omron 9200T Blood Pressure BP, HR
Roche Accu-Chek Guide* Glucometer Blood Glucose
Roche Accu-Chek Guide Me* Glucometer Blood Glucose


Generally, new BLE devices can be added to our application relatively easily. Don't see a BLE device you use on this list? Let us know!

Cloud Connected Devices (oAuth)

In addition to the device-direct connections above, Prevounce also has the capability to pull health information from from cloud and mobile health applications. Prevounce sends the patient an email with a link where they can use their third-party cloud app username and password to authorize Prevounce to collect their health data. Once the patient authorizes Prevounce, we pull the information from the patient's preferred health app. Currently, our cloud API partners allow us to utilize over 190 devices within Prevounce.

Cloud Source Sleep Diet HR BMI BP B Oxy Weight Height Glucose
 Google Fit          


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