Audit Logs

Keeping patient information secure is not just about technical safeguards and encryption, but also about having the tools available to monitor and investigate possible leaks stemming from leaked passwords, user error or other issues.

As part of our dedication to security, the Prevounce Audit Log system allows Tenant Administrators to search through and export reports of near click-by-click actions taken by their users. This way, if a password is leaked or an employee email is hacked, you can see exactly what has been accessed on their account and when.

The majority of Prevounce users will never need to access the Audit Log system. It is, by necessity, relatively complicated to navigate. We made the decision to keep access to the logs open so that Tenant Administrators with IT experience can actively monitor the security of their organization. If you are trying to determine the extent of an information leak, or someone accidentally leaked an account password, be sure to contact us so that we can assist you in taking steps to secure your information.

Accessing the Audit Logs

Accounts within your Tenant with Administrative privileges will see the "Audit Logs" option within their Administration menu.

Accessing the Audit Logs

Each Audit Log entry shows a specific action taken by one of the Users within your Tenant. You can then filter these entries by Date Range and Username. It also has the option for Advanced Filter to narrow down the search more easily.

To see the specifics of each log entry, you can click on the magnifying glass to the left of the entry. This brings up the Audit Log Detail popup:

Audit Log detail

You can use this information to narrow down what actions a specific user has done on the portal, when they did it, and what IP was logged into the user when it was done.

If you have questions or concerns about something showing up in your Audit Logs, contact Prevounce Customer Service right away, and we can help you investigate further.